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Here are some links to sites in philosophy, and other sites that may be of use to you.

A necessary disclaimer is that by clicking on these links you are leaving my site and I am not responsible for the content on the sites you visit from here:



  Philosophy in General

 For a list of philosophy sites on the web here is a good starting point.

navigation graphic box For a focus on ethics click here for Stephen Darwall's site (good links page);

 A useful bulletin board for U.K. philosophers is philos-L;

navigation graphic box  For a valuable guide to writing philosophy papers click here for Bob Field's site;

navigation graphic box Want to go to a US graduate school? Click here for the Leiter Report;
navigation graphic box  The Stanford Encyclopaedia, is a reliable reference resource for philosophy;
Specialised Research Interests
  navigation graphic box  There is a specialised ethics blog, Pea Soup, with some interesting contributors;
  navigation graphic box  The Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, not to be confused with the Association of Scottish Self-Caterers (an easy mistake);
  navigation graphic box  David Chalmers maintains an outstanding research resource for the philosophy of mind/consciousness;
  navigation graphic box  Chalmers' blog is well worth a visit;
  navigation graphic box  As is the web page of David Rosenthal; no bells and whistles but all his papers...

 The University of Kent
   navigation graphic box Thinking of applying to Kent? Click here for the University's own website;
   navigation graphic box Or, alternatively, check out the website of the philosophy department;
   navigation graphic box If you want to look at the undergraduate prospectus....
   navigation graphic box Or postgraduate prospectuses, these are the links;
   navigation graphic box At UKC? Need help with your study skills? Click here.

 The Web in General

 Just my personal selection of the best the world wide web has to offer.....
   navigation graphic box Don't use a Mac? You should; click here to check out Steve Wozniak's page;
  navigation graphic box 'We are not worthy': Woz's progeny, the insanely great
   navigation graphic box Being driven nuts by what films someone has been in? Try the Internet Movie Database;
   navigation graphic box For geek-ery try the Silicon Valley Sleuth;
   navigation graphic box There's the Geek-brief TV podshow;
   navigation graphic box For a tech podcast network go here. (Yes, they do call it
  navigation graphic box Techie news summary in (near) real time at Techmeme;
   navigation graphic box These people are funny: the unemployed Philosophers' Guild;
  navigation graphic box The utterly discreditable but sometimes inspired Bore Me, 'the best of your inbox'.

 The Closing Credits....

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